Learner–Centred Train The Trainer Programme

The trainer first has the knowledge and skills that he wishes to share with his participants. These are invaluable as he has acquired them over time, by attending courses, personal experiences and continuous personal development. As a trainer, he dispenses his expertise to a variety of people who are his participants.

In order to bridge this process of inert know-how into comprehensible information, he must understand his inclinations in providing the knowledge; Humanist, Behavourist, Structuralist and Functionalist, – as defined by Brostrom in 1975 and this must match the way the participants comprehend the knowledge. As a consequence, the trainer has to manage the many facets of training the people, subject, organization, space and time.

The successful trainer then has the ability to share his knowledge with his adult participants versus teaching the juniors. It is imperative that he is able to distinguish the differences between the participants as their modes of reception differ.

The trainer is responsible to design the subject matter in a flow which is easily consumed by the participants and this is according to the needs defined earlier. The delivery by the trainer is of course an advanced form of communication, it is not merely presentation but also engagement with the participants. As a summary, the trainer is the CEO of the training session.

After the programme, the participants will be able:
1. To design training programmes suitable for the adult learner and or others
2. To exercise Adult Learning Principles; Principles of Andragogy1
3. To deliver an effectual programme
4. To design training programmes by understanding the learning objectives
5. To prepare a course according to needs
6. To engage the participants when making classroom delivery

Topic Detail
1. Roles of the Trainer
2. Training Principles for the Adult
3. Preparing from Needs to Course Content
4. Different Types of Learners
5. Different Types of Trainers
6 Presentation in the Classroom

Duration:  Three (3) days

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