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Attending an interview is something that always put pressures you. Right? Even after attending a lot of interviews you still feel depressed . The best step to take in order to avoid this is to do a proper preparation. An example, study the common questions asked by the interviewer and the answers are in line with the questions asked.

Sometimes the interviewer just wants to see your confidence when speaking in front of them even if your answer is not very accurate.

A tip: Speak clearly, be confident. Do not just keep quiet.

In addition you should also study the background of the company and position applied. With that knowledge, you have an advantage in answering the questions asked later. Here are some questions that are frequently asked by  interviewers, which we split into several parts:


Question: Name the company, position, employment date and the date of resignation, and your previous last drawn salary of previous employments.

You may be surprised by such a question . While it is relatively easy, it can cause problems too if you can’t answer correctly . So try to remember and explain everything in detail as what is written on the resume you sent them. One of the easiest ways is prepare a note and write the details mentioned above. Try to memorize the facts before the interview.

Question: What were your previous responsibilities before?

To answer this question, you must explain specifically on what you did previously and relate it to the job you are applying for. What is important here is that you need explain it honestly. Do not lie. Do not be a clown by telling them you are able to undertake the task given to you should you get the job when you know you are not that experienced or have the knowledge to.

Question: What are the main challenges you have faced and how did you handle the problem?

When you were asked this question during an interview, be sure to include specific examples of how you handled a difficult situation you had experienced. Explain on how you made a research about the problem and suggestions for solution to the problem.

Question: What have you learned from the mistakes you have done before?

When you answer these questions, make sure to turn negative events into a positive thing.

For example: One of the important things that  will be a lesson to me is career and persistence. I have learnt not to give up because there are solutions to solve our problems, or I always make last minute work. I realised that It is inconvenient to all and I now finish ahead of my deadlines.

Question: What is it that you like and dislike at your previous work place ?

Description: When you were asked the question ” what ‘s not to like about your previous job, you must not negative impression of your previous employment . The reason is that the interviewer may think that you are going to talk negative about a new job or company when you are ready to go to work or selected later ( if you have got a job interview ) . Instead you have to talk about yourself and tell about what you want to bring to the new job .

Sample answer him as follows:

1. I enjoy working with old place along with colleagues that I the other. A work environment that is not strained my memnyebabkan fun to go to work every day . I have the satisfaction of working at my old job .

2. One of the reasons I left my old job was that trust, do not have a lot of challenges as well as easy for me to solve. I want more challenge than that. # I think I have a greater commitment of my old workplace, unfortunately over the years I worked there, still holds the same position in other words do not get promoted .

3. I think my expertise is not suitable my old workplace , but I appreciate the service that I bring to my old workplace .

Question: Do you work with your colleagues hate? If so, how you manage the matter?

Description: Yes I have worked with such persons. However, when I see him focus on the work and know to find a solution to a problem , I appreciate what he did . Then slowly I turned to hate love even though we are not friends.

Question: Why did you stop work at the place of your old job ?

Description: This question involves two main things . First if you quit your job because of your own volition and the second is because you are fired . If you quit voluntarily .

Answer them as follows:

I was bored working at my old place because of the challenge and is inconsistent with the talent I have. I want to feel the pleasure to work and I do not want to work as insincere because I do not have the talent factor in the work that I operate . So it matters futile and will likely take a long time to succeed and get promoted .


Apart from questions about your old job will be interviewed in respect of your own personality . How do you work for this behavior . Here are a few questions that were relatively Famous by the interviewer .

Question: What are significant weaknesses in yourself?

Description: When you were asked this question , you should not be too revealing significant weaknesses . As I have to know the past of trying to change the negative things to positive.

For example as follows : When I was given a task, I will finish ahead of schedule should because I do a lot of work in turn draws a very painful last minute . I am very conscious perfection in the work I do . Therefore, I am going to check my work again and again until I was totally satisfied with what I do .

Question: What’s significant strengths in yourself?

Description: Maybe this question is very easy for you to answer . The best way to answer this question is to describe the skills and experience you are working somewhere else before this and relate it to the job you have applied for now.

For example are as follows : I have reached the company’s sales goals every year and I was given the bonus on my achievements . I skilled to manage my time better, efficient and orderly life easier for me to focus on the next job . I was able to find a solution to every problem is difficult because I know every problem there is a way to resolve by our own.

Question: What strengths do you feel you can help you in the job you are indulging ?

Description: This question is a follow-up from the base of your strength just now . You need to explain how these capabilities help you in your work . The simple answer I propose is as follows . My most notable ability is able to work with a variety of individuals of different religions, races and cultures. I enjoy working with all the people I met and at the same time I would close relationship with them making life easier for me to manage teamwork. # I always focus on the work I do . I do not mencampuradukan work with my personal problems while at work . Therefore I am able to provide a high commitment to my work while on the go . While I’m busy with a variety of tasks but I will always make sure the work I do as dew predetermined date or before the deadline given task .

Question: Tell me a little about your background?

Description: In answering this question you must answer the member of the office, work environment and work culture before. For example, as follows: I enjoy working and meeting with everybody and always focused on my work . I am a creative . I always find the best solution to every problem that I face, especially in the task entrusted to me . I am competent in doing the work and made ​​me more proactive in all performing tasks.

Question: Try to tell them how you work?

You need to answer member corresponding to the job you are interviewing now. Sample of answer: I am very focused, consistent and able to work more quickly and efficiently. I always check my work so I do the job right quality for the benefit of my company. I do work with members organized so that I can focus on the next job. I always discuss with other colleagues in the performance of assigned tasks to ensure efficiency and efficient.

Question : How do you handle work pressure?

Description: In this question, you need to tell your experience when under stress. Examples of simple answers are as follows: Pressure is important to me because of the pressure I can do tasks better. The ideal way for me to balance the pressure is a good way to isolate the pressure and stress. I need good stress to stay motivated and productive. I act on the situation and pressure open it because I do not want to think that stress causes decreased job performance . I’m not that hard to work when under pressure . I am always focused and strive to complete my work .

Question: What are the things that can give you the motivation to work?

Description: Sample answers are as follows : I am the person in charge of the work and I will ensure that my work is always the best quality along another colleague. I train myself to work and finished just in time to get the best performance . I’ve always wanted to do a good job in whatever position I held . I always want to excel in the work I do so as members of my personal satisfaction and my employer in particular.

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