Professional Image, Deportment and Etiquettes Training Program

Positive First Impression

Our visual appearance is so IMPORTANT that, within the first 7 split seconds, you will be analyzed and people will form judgment based on your confidence and success level, financial status, credibility, your ability to do the job and make decisions, trustworthiness, your character and integrity in dealing day to day business matters.

The question is, how do you consistently maintain your positive first impression within that 7 seconds and portray your best possible image to gain other’s trust on your skills, product or services or.. basically – your PERSONAL BRAND?

We provides most intensive and thorough training available today so that you get an accurate analysis, personal advice and a clear understanding of professional image management and soft skills training.


Module 1: Mastering the Art and Science of First Impression

Module 2 : Personal Image Management | Color Analysis & Style Personality

Module 3 : Personal Image Management | Figure, Body Types and Face shape Analysis

Module 4 : Dress for Success

Module 5 : Business Image and Wardrobe Management | Hijab Styling and Wardrobe Matching

Module 6 : Business Etiquette and Socials Skills | The Art of Business Meals

Module 7 : Deportment, Elegance With Poise and Posture | The Handshakes

Module 8 : Grooming and Personal Hygiene

Benefits to the Participants

At the end of the session, participants would be able to:

  • Impart knowledge to the client and align their image with personal/corporate goals, objective, mission, vision and environment.
  • Identify best colors for business and casual dressing and learn the techniques of camouflage for common figure challenges.
  • Hands-on experience on applying basic skin care routines, makeup applications and improve personnel grooming habits through grooming awareness module.
  • Understand the importance of Business Etiquettes and have the confidence to carry themselves with appropriate conduct and etiquette in any situation.
  • Develop and practice language, communication, styles and techniques.
  • Understand the importance of a good Deportment, Poise and Posture as it shows the level of confident, how approachable and what kind of attitude the individual has.

Duration: 2 -3 days

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