The Graduate Leadership Programme

The Graduate Leadership Programme has been designed to build and drive strong workforce performance for the current global environment. The current global economic drive is extremely fast and with the constant growth of many companies under going globalization, the need to enhance the competency skills of the students. To drive towards educational excellence and to ensure that all students graduating from local universities are competent with the skills needed for future leaders of Malaysia and to ensure that all graduates are employed rightfully after this 14 – 30 days programme. The programme comprises of both the technical component and soft skills component that will enhance their chances of getting a job.

The missing link is certain areas of studies, which are not taught in varsities but rather in a corporate training environment, has been found that if students were to attend certain programmes as soon as they graduate from the universities they would excel in their careers.  A study carried out by the Global Workforce Symposium provides a comprehensive snapshot of the attitudes and concerns of workers around the world. It’s designed to shed light on how employees’ views affect their engagement in their work and commitment to their employers, and ultimately, their behavior and performance on the job. As such, it gives organizations and their leadership teams important insights into the elements of the work environment that help shape employee behavior and performance in positive ways.

Employee engagement is the current buzzword amongst the corporates; main issue being highlight about would be the attitudes, confidence levels and also the mindset of the Gen Z in terms of loyalty. It was crucial to build a programme that would build the right type of people for the right type of work to ensure a nation of high-income earners by 2020.


  • Enhancing technical staff with essential knowledge as support teams.
  • To understand the importance of their role as support teams.
  • To develop fundamental key communication skills and handling difficult clients
  • To develop problem solving skills
  • To understand the importance of customer service in any business
  • To understand the call structure vs technical knowledge
  • To expose them to the support teams that are located within a call center



A comprehensive recruitment & placement programme has been developed to ensure that the right students are recruited for the programme, undergo training for the 14 – 30 days and be placed with the government, local and multinational organizations with a monthly salary range from RM 1,500 to RM 3,500. Our programme will ensure that students will be placed in company’s in their respective area of study.

Call +603-7873 5017 (Attn: En Zaki) or email to us at jobs@jobhouse.com.my for more information & enquiries.

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